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star bright, star light

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12.7.04: i don't remember when i made this page, but i just discovered it while editing my website and 'tis pretty funny, eh? 

this is danny immersed in one of his warhammer books
dan with a fro, being weird last october

Exclusive Interview with the Spotlighter:
zoe: so, dan, when's your birthday?
dan: up yours
z: okay... so, uh, what do you like to do?
d: play everquest.
z: anything else?
d: pee on pandas
z: really?
d: yes, really. what do you not believe me or something? why don't you say that to my face? ttt... what are you laughing at me now? are you laughing at me? you're laughing at me aren't you? this is an outrage.
all of a sudden, our interview is cut short by our parental units.
favorite quotes of dan's:
"somebody humped my spotlight"
"what did you just call me? did you call me a 'peeing panda'?"