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snow dreams

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"Snow Dreams" (copyright 2000/2001), a sailormoon fanfic
written by the wonderful zoe-chan
site: this one
rated: g
disclaimer: naoko takeuchi owns sailor moon, i own this stupid story.
author's note: okay... i wrote this freshman year. it sucks. it's sappy, overdone romance. however, it is (in my opinion) my best fan fic. yeah. so i decided i might as well put it up for putting it up's sake or whatever. when i was typing it up again (i told you all... i deleted my folder in march) i had to force myself not to fix any of the choppy sentences or elaborate and all. (however, i did fix a subjunctive error. i couldn't help myself!) well, enjoy or don't. i don't really care. this is the kind of stuff i wrote freshman year... *shudders*

 "Usagi! Wake-up Usagi-chan!" Luna hissed in the teenager's ear. Usagi opened one of her bright blue
eyes and looked around her room. She sniffed twice. Then she leaped out of the bed, scaring the heebie-jeebies
out of Luna.
 "Usagi! What in Selene's name are you doing?" Luna demanded.
 "Luna! It's the first day of winter! It might snow today!" Usagi exclaimed. Luna rolled her eyes and
climbed back onto Usagi's bed. Usagi quickly changed into her school uniform and dashed downstairs.
 "Hullo family!" Usagi greeted merrily. Needless to day, all of her family stopped what they were doing
to stare at the girl.
 "Nothing, dear. Do you want to stay home from school today? Are you sure you're feeling okay?" Mrs.
Tsukino asked her daughter. Usagi rolled her eyes and said, "Yes mom, I'm fine. Guess what! It's the first day
of winter!"
 "Really? What's the date?" Mr. Tsukino asked.
 "December twenty-first." Usagi replied
 "Maybe it'll snow!" Shingo pointed out.
 "Exactly!" Usagi exclaimed
 "Well, you had better hurry up, or you're going to be late to school." Mrs. Tsukino reminded Usagi.
Usagi grabbed her lunch and dashed out of the house.
 Of course, halfway to her school, she bumped into someone on the street. She didn't need to look at
him to know who it was. As soon as she landed on her bottom, she sprang back up and started dashing again,
yelling behind her, "Sorry Mamoru-san! I'm gonna be late for school!"
 Right as Usagi ran into the classroom, the bell rang. She sighed in relief and slid into her seat. Ms.
H didn't look at all happy that Usagi was on time for once, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.
She couldn't give her a detention for being on time!
 Halfway through math, Usagi fell asleep. She dreamed of a blizzard. It had snowed so much during the
night, that no one could get out of their houses for a whole week. Then she dreamed of going out in the snow
and building a snowman. THen she heard a tapping noise. Where was it coming from? What is that sound?
 Usagi opened her eyes to see a very angry Ms. H drumming her fingers on her desk.
 "Ms. Tsukino, have you decided to grace us with your presence?" Usagi lifted her head and smiled
 "Sorry Haruna-sensei." Usagi offered.  
 "And I'm sorry too, Usagi. Detention today after school." Usagi sighed.
 After detention, Usagi skipped to the arcade.
 "Hiya Motoki-san!" Usagi greeted.
 "Hi Usagi-chan!" Motoki answered.
 "Hi Odango-Atama!" Mamoru grinned pleasantly. Usagi gave him an icy stare and then sat next to him at
the counter.
 "Can I have some hot chocolate please?"
 "Why would you want hot chocolate when you can have coffee?" Mamoru asked her. Usagi made a face.
 "Gross!" She said. Mamoru smiled. Motoki handed Usagi her hot chocolate.
 "Thanks Motoki!" Usagi handed him the money for the drink and headed over to a booth to drink her
chocolate in peace. Soon, Usagi's friends came into the arcade and sat with her at the booth.
 "Guess what guys! Today's the first day of winter!" Usagi exclaimed.
 "Yeah, so?" Rei asked.
Usagi grinned and replied, "snow."
 "But, Usagi, the weather says it's supposed to be a clear night tonight." Ami pointed out. Usagi
 "Fine! Be party-poopers, but if I do a snow dance tonight, it'll snow for me!" Usagi shouted a little
louder than she had intended.
 "That should be interesting. I'd like to see Odango doing a snow dance." Mamoru drawled loudly to
Motoki. Usagi stood up and pursed her lips and glared at him icily.
 "I don't care what you say Mamoru-baka!" And with that, she stormed out of the arcade.
 That night, in her flannel snowflake pajamas, Usagi stood dancing a snow dance to "Let it Snow" on her
CD player. Luna watched her as if she were crazy.
 "What are you doing Usagi?" She asked.
 "I'm doing a snow dance, obviously." Luna sighed in disgust.
 "It's going to snow tonight, Luna!" Usagi turned off her CD player and jumped into her bed.
 "Whatever." Luna sighed. Usagi smiled as she fell asleep, dreaming of snow.
 "Usagi-chan! Time to wake-up!" Luna called. Usagi opened her eyes and leapt out of bed. She ran to her
window and looked out. Everything was covered in the white pureness of the fresh snow that had fallen early
that morning.
 "WA-HOO!" Usagi shouted. She picked Luna up and spun her around. She ran downstairs. Shingo was
dancing around the room.
 "Guess what!" He hollered, "NO SCHOOL!!!" Usagi grabbed his hands and they started dancing around the
kitchen excitedly. Mr. Tsukino looked over his newspaper at all the commotion and rolled his eyes. Mrs.
Tsukino told them to take it outside. They gladly agreed. They ran outside in their pajamas! They were back in
a few seconds though.
 "It's cold out there." Shingo said, a little embarrassed. Usagi dashed upstairs and put on her jeans
and fuzzy black sweater and black gloves. She dashed outside and to the park.
 Usagi stopped next to the fountain and started to spin in the snow. She threw the soft flurries into
the air and laughed. She started when she heard a voice behind her say, "Usagi, are you alright?" She turned
around to see Mamoru standing there staring at her awkwardly.
 "Of course, silly! Never been better!" She sang happily. Then she stopped and looked at him.
 "You called me Usagi!" She accused. Mamoru made a face like he didn't know what she was talking about.
 "You called me Usagi!" She repeated. She ran up to him and hugged him.
 "Get off of me!" He shouted out loud, but inside, he was immediately warmed by her touch.
 "You called me Usagi!" She exclaimed into his chest. He pushed her away and as soon as he did, she hit
him with a snowball. He stared at her, disbelief written in his eyes.
 "Did you just hit me with that snowball?" He asked. She nodded and laughed merrily. He stared at her.
Then he pelted a snowball in her direction. She was caught off guard and fell into the snow. She quickly
recovered, however, and leapt up and threw one back. Soon they were in a full-fledged snowball fight.
 "Okay, truce!" Mamoru called out. Usagi laughed and they both came out from their hiding spots to
shake hands. As their hands met, Mamoru's last snowball hit Usagi on the shoulder. She ran to take cover but
forgot she was still shaking hands with the enemy. She fell to the ground taking Mamoru with her. It just so
happens, he landed on top of her.
 They were both breathing hard and they started to laugh when they saw each other's red cheeks.
 "You called a truce!" Usagi accused.
Mamoru grinned evilly, "I never call truces." Usagi glared at him.
 "And, I never do this." And with that, Usagi kissed him. Her first kiss ever to her worst enemy. At
first, his eyes went wide with surprise, but then he was kissing her back with great intensity. Right there,
in the snow, the two worst enemies in the world became friends, or perhaps a little more.
 Then Mamoru screamed. Usagi smiled. She had put a snowball down his back as they kissed.
 That night, Usagi did her nightly snow dance in her flannel snowflake pajamas. When she finished, she
picked up her cat and said, "I hope it snows more often, Luna." She climbed into bed and fell asleep, dreaming
of snow and Mamo-chan.