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star bright, star light
7.1.03 (wicca)

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NOTE: This was thoroughly rejected and censored by the people who have brought you paldi's site. Although this fact saddens me, I realize i have no control and realize that it is those peoples' right to do so. I also realize that it is my right to post it on my site. So this is the start of Zoe's Rants... moved from her guest site and sister site to her own site. she may or may not continue to rant on the other site. but that information is still tba. thanks for your time and attention. -zp

hola fans! mwhahahahaha... i know i haven't ranted in forever and i'm sorry about that. haven't had many ideas. and when i did get ideas for rants... i just didn't have the time to write them down. well, now's as good a time as any to start ranting up again. well, this isn't going to be so much of a rant as more of an informative little writing. i'm not even sure if paldi will want to put this on her site. but i might as well write it and try. it never really hurts to try.
alright. well, i'm not even sure who comes to paldi's site or who even reads my little rants... but to let everyone out there know... i came out to my friends in the middle of june about me being wiccan. i was frightened to death. wicca is a very misunderstood religion and i was afraid of how many of my friends would leave me if they knew the truth about me. but after almost a year and a half of hiding in the dark, i finally told the truth to all of them. some were more accepting than others, but pretty much no one knew what wicca was. i have tried to inform people, but it's difficult when you find yourself in a position that you've never had to handle before. when ten people have bombarded you with questions about something that you've only had contact with for a few years, it can be difficult and nerve wracking to answer all their questions. so, i sent everyone an email about it. i'm not sure how informative it was, but i think it helped some people. basically, wicca is a religion that reveres nature and life cycles and such. most wiccans believe in a Goddess and a God that are the creators of the world and all things of this earth are manifestations of the two deities. most wiccans are also witches, meaning they practice witchcraft and magick. basically, magick is just like a prayer to the gods; some describe it as a manipulation of energies. wiccans do not believe in a devil, so they do not worship one. nor are they evil. i'm sure that there are bad wiccans just like there are bad christians and bad jews and buddhists and such. however, wiccans live by the creed "an it harm none, do what thou wilt" so they try to harm no one and such.
so that is what i am. now i guess i could start ranting, huh?
well, pretty much what i need right now is support. maybe not the support like you understand what i'm doing or whatever, but the kind of support where you know that i'm struggling and you understand that this is my choice and no one else's and that i'm not going to take it very well if you preach to me or annoy me with dogma from your own beliefs. i realize and understand the rules of many other religions and some of those beliefs are not so understanding of other peoples' beliefs. ugh... i'm not sure how to say this. but it's hard being a minority. i may have been raised as a wasp (white anglo saxon protestant), but i will always be a girl and at the moment, i'm wiccan. that's right, i said "at the moment". that's because i'm not sure what will happen in the future. maybe i'll become buddhist or maybe i'll join the ranks of islam. who knows? i know when i was fourteen, i never thought that i would ever have become wiccan. but now, that's what i am. just like when i was fourteen, i was christian. and i chose wicca on my own, with no one preaching to me. in fact, i only just made some wiccan friends, so i've pretty much been plowing along on my own. so, if i choose another religion later on in my life, it will be on my own time and no one else's. and i want everyone to know that i'm only seventeen and i know how fast things can change. it only took a year for things to change to how they are now. i look back at my journals from a year ago and i laugh because i'm so different. so, i just want people to stop trying to change who i am, because i'm not listening. and it just pisses me off when people do that kind of thing. i mean, sometimes i can understand where you're coming from, but it doesn't help me. i'm not sure if this makes any sense... but i swear close-mindedness pisses me off majorly. i can't put a "Goddess Bless" bumpersticker on my car for fear that someone will come after me or my family. is this what america stands for? is the only thing america can accept "GOD bless the usa"? i thought we had religious freedom... but whatever. it just makes me sad sometimes. ya know? i guess not. well, i'm not sure if this will ever be posted on paldi's site since it is quite radical and she may not like it. so if not, i might just post it on my site. well, until next time (hopefully sooner that last time... hehe), beans and coke, eagles and transpirations, zoe the wonderful