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star bright, star light
my cd inventory

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A: 04
Abba gold
Amy Grant house of love
Ani Difranco evolve
Ani Difranco so much shouting, so much laughter (2)

: 08
Barenaked Ladies gordon
Beatles past masters, vol 1
Beatles yellow submarine soundtrack
Beauty and The Beast broadway musical soundtrack
**Billy Elliot soundtrack
Bleach self titled
Britney Spears - baby one more time
Britney Spears oops! i did it again

C: 05
Cher the very best of
Chicago soundtrack
Christina Aguilera - stripped
**Coldplay parachutes (and more)
Coldplay a rush of blood to the head

D: 04
Deana Carter did i shave my legs for this?
**Default the fallout
**Dick soundtrack
Disney three song cd sampler

E: 01
Eminem the eminem show

F: 01
The Four Seasons hits feat. Frankie valli

G: 04
**Garbage self titled
Garth Brooks the hits
Grease soundtrack
Grease promotional single (w/ anniversary movie)

H: 01
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone - soundtrack

J: 05
Jewel 0304
Jewel joy, a holiday collection
Jewel pieces of you
Jewel spirit
Jewel this way

K: 01
Knights Tale, A - soundtrack

L: 06
LeAnn Rimes blue
LeAnn Rimes unchained melody/holiday single
Linkin Park hybrid theory
Linkin Park - reanimation
Lonestar lonely grill
*Lord of the Rings - soundtrack

M: 06
Majandra the sicks
Mamma Mia! broadway musical soundtrack
Mercury new music sampler
**Michelle Branch spirit room
*Moulin Rouge 1 & 2 soundtracks
Mulan soundtrack

N: 01
Nsync self titled

O: 03
Our Lady Peace gravity
Our Lady Peace happiness is not a fish you can catch

Our Lady Peace spiritual machines

: 07
**Patriot - soundtrack
**Pearl Harbor - soundtrack
Pink - missundaztood
*Pink Floyd dark side of the moon
*Pink Floyd echoes (2)
Pink Floyd the wall (2)
Pokemon the first movie soundtrack

Q: 01
Classic Queen

R: 03
*Rent broadway musical soundtrack (2)
Road to Perdition soundtrack

S: 05
**Save the Last Dance soundtrack
Selena soundtrack
Shania Twain Up! (2)
Sound of Music soundtrack
Spice Girls spice

T: 04
*Tenacious D self titled
Titanic soundtrack
Tour of Music discovery channel store promotional
Train drops of jupiter

V: 02
Vanessa Williams the sweetest days
Vertical Horizon everything you want

Mixes and Shit
: 26
13 seconds
america cd
anime from caite (3)
be happy
christmas (2)
crazy zo
desy and sarama
flogging molly & co.
interestin tunes
love (4)
mundo paz
one winter, side 2
saras wonderful cd
time for another
zoes awesome cd
zoes 1st mp3 cd (137 songs)
zoes numba 2 mp3 (177 songs)
zoedudes cd
zowie wowie

* - copied
** - downloaded and burnt