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star bright, star light

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6.21.05 - new rant!

6.18.05 - new rant

6.15.05 - NEW RANT, HO!

6.2.05: new rant

12.16.04 - new rant

12.10.04: new rant!

12.7.04:  new rant (under tidbits section, in case you've forgotten).  deleted the newsletter and quotes pages because they were stupid.  a nice big welcome back to myself.  or whatev.

8.19.04 - updated my about me page. it still suxxors though.

8.19.04 - new poem/prose/thing.

7.30.04 - new fucking rant.

7.28.04 - new zoe's rant. kind of boring. don't check it out.

7.21.04: added my list of stuff i'm taking to college. it's listed on my "tidbits" page. check it out. also, you'll see that my "about me" page is under construction. i felt that the stuff on there was too "high-school-ish" and that it totally needs to change to better fit who i am. and i shall be working on it... but i don't feel like it now. to hopefully alleviate the pain of not being about to read about your truly, i left a lovely picture of george w. on my about me page. check it out. (*evil laughter*) ... yeah.

7.18.04 = fixed up the wicca section... added/deleted links, added some better information, etc. hopefully it's easier to understand now. and as always, you can email me if you have a question or a comment or a whatever. smith email. yahoo email.

7.7.04 - two "new" rants. one's old (from june) that i took from my deviant page and one's for today.

7.4.04 ~ new rant.

7.2.04 ~ zoe rants... very tempermental... proceed at own risk.

5.24.04~ so i graduated on saturday! woo hoo! I'M FREEEEEE!!!!! uh... right. so i made a site with senior pictures on them. check the home page for the link. or click here. okay. later.

5.14.04 - zoe's rants. and two new stories in the stories section. woah nelly.

2.29.04 - zoe rants! woah nelly! leap day rant. yeah it is, ho! also added 2 pics of fro boy and added my banner to the links section.

1.19.04 ~ more zoe's rants. you know where to look.

1.12.04 ~ who actually comes here!?! NO ONE! that's what i thought... anyways. since no one comes here, i just rambled on in the zoe's rants section of the tidbits section. yeah. oh yeah. and i got into my very first college tonight. :) w00t. fo' shizzle. yeah. well, i'm going to stop being a "spaz" and go do something that's worthwhile. i think i might update more often, for those who care to know. (NO ONE!)

added to wicca section. and put little cowies up to tell you my visitor numbers. w00t! happy flex everyone!

what is up? mwhahahahahaha... er.. yeah... check out the "fro boy" section... hmm... i wonder who that's about... ^^ also i added a rant under "zoe's rants" under "tidbits" (on the main menu). check it out if your name's not leo.
hola fans. i've updated my wicca section! go check it out! w00t! beans and coke, zoe
hola gang. long time, no update, huh? well, i've added a wicca page (with nothing on it yet) and i changed the "drawings" page to a "doodles" page and put a bunch of my doodles on it. i also started up "zoe's rants" under tidbits. i deleted the "misc" page and just added the stuff that was on that page to "tidbits". yippy. yeah, i know. har har... maybe i'll add another poem or something to the poetry section. i have one that i wrote on lughnassadh the other day and i really really like it. it's about this girl who's riding in this truck with someone, but you're not sure who and she's just talking about everything that happens and stuff. it's weird, but i like it. i'm not sure where it came from... but whatever. i think i'll save that for the lit mag when we do it. w00t w00t. (and if it's accepted... eep). anyways... until next time... b & c, zp
i have no freaking idea what the hell is wrong with this damn website, but everytime i try to update, a little problem screen pops up and closes my internet boxes within five minutes of opening... grrrrness. evil site!!!!!! i have no earthly idea what's wrong with it. anyways...  i put up my book reviews. w00t. go read them. yeah... and i guess you can see my one little drawing in the drawing section. (i would have put more, but like i said... this damn thing is evil).
hola buck-os. yeah. well, i put up an awful fanfic of mine (under stories). i fixed charlie's site link (under links) and made my guestbook button bigger. i also put up a page for reviews... but i haven't put any yet. too lazy lazy. well, tata....
hola fans. hahahhahahhahaha.... i added a lovely stories page. more later! tata!
i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site i hate this site (well, my hoster thing anyways...)
a dude put me on his links page and so i put him on mine. then i added a poem to my poetry page. happy birthday paldi and abby. (this was much more detailed before it screwed up a bazillion times.... grrrr...)
long time, no update. actually, i did put up a countdown for my birthday (4.14.86), but i took it down after the fact. then i put up one for when Harry Potter #5 comes out (6.21.03). can't wait! :) ummm... today, i added a lovely "paldi's rants" under tidbits. yay! (my rants are on her site). go check it out!


so life sucks ass. thank-you-very-much. yeah. i really don't want to go back to school. i hate it there. i hate it here, sitting in front of the tv all day so by the time i should be going to sleep, i can't so i stay up all night watching music videos and raunchy movies on showtime. this has been my life for the past three days and i don't want it to end. but i don't want it to continue. i think i have lost grasp of what i want. and my tummy still hurts, but it doesn't matter, i guess. and i pretty much hate this site. i can't do anything with it that i want to do. i mean, i don't write stupid fan fics anymore and the ones i have are all really juivenile and from freshman year when i was so totally "uncool" or whatever. but, whatever. and i can't even do the background i want. like with homestead, i could play with my crayons and scan it and come up with that awesomely original dr. seuss theme thing. here, all i can use is what they provide and i only like the black. maybe, i'll come out and get it over with, but i'm still so unsure of myself. it's not like a whole lot of people will hate me. i just feel so confused and i hear all this advice about "following your heart" or what not and i don't even know what my heart wants anymore. i think i lost it. i lost my heart. that's why i'm drowning in this pool of apathy. but i'm still hanging on because my brain is still there and it still remembers what my heart wanted, but it can't quite express it the way the heart wanted. so it's confused and there's this apathy and i just don't know who i am anymore. and it's not like anyone cares anyways since no one comes to this damn site.
well, almost another year older and it's worse this year. the apathy has almost taken over my birthday. i hope it vanishes before it totally consumes my life. but whatever.

HOLA! well, i added a new front page with a lovely scanned picture of a canada dry label. w00t. see my skillz? oh yeah. i can scan a label and save it and upload it. w00t w00t! anyways... i also uploaded a new feature (feature creature to be precise), but the first feature won't be up until maybe tomorrow. well, until then. ~the wonderful one and only

hola fans. the sun is actually shining today, and spring will soon be here, which totally kicks ass, because i love the spring. it's probably my favorite season. oh yeah. i can't wait to move into the bonus room. w00t. (since the departure of w00t boy, i have adopted the word w00t.) anyways... i added a "tidbits" page with a page on what i think kicks ass and all. because i'm wicked cool. well, i've been updating randomly around, but not a whole lot. yeah. well, beans and coke. ~zoe the freakishly wonderful person

umm... i'm not supposed to be on here, but it's all good. *grin* snow day tomorrow! w00t! well, i put up some quotes, but i'm not done yet. also, i added a few links and i think i may add some descriptions of the links. or for some of them. maybe. depends. well, everyone go and read my lovely rants over on caite's site! *grin* beans and coke everyone!

um... over the past few days, i have updated about me and cliques. also, today i added a lovely poetry page with two poems/proseys (hehe). yeah.