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star bright, star light
rant 1: 5.6.03

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'Ello everyone that reads this...which will be who again zoe? Anyway, so i will touch on the subject at hand...storms. Right now we are out of school because at least a dozen tornados touched down were we live and well killed lots of people. There is mass flooding that have completely drowned some farms and other residents. as for the past week, we had 2 earthquakes and some storms as powerful....end of the world..i would like to think not, but then again i am saved so when i die its all good because i know i am going to heaven, but i wont get into that now, but if you have a question go on to my site and email me ^-^ anywho, enrin made a good point when she said its kinda weird how callifornia *known for earthquakes* ha d tornadeos last week and we had earthquakes last week. Al the knowledge you hold is did you find this out? anyway talking about creepy, the news was saying tornados bring countless deaths and destruction, and more coming our way right after these messages. and then it goes a funeral home commercial! that doesnt make me feel good in ANY way. i mean i was already antsy then like we trusted our final arrangments with spring hill funeral home. my foot, its kinda like those ambulance chasing lawers..but anyway, so on the storms it says the part that past over us was black * on the measureing for intensity scale, not cause it was night* that is 2 colors from the top! the hail and sleet started..yeah, that is one annoying sound. when your trying to listen for tornados and all you can here is TAK TAK TAK. it was bad. my brother however was like well if a tornado comes just wake me up. and i was like we arent gonna really have that much time to run to the other side of the house to get you to come back to the OTHER side were our tornado room is, which by the way is a bathroom....let me just say i hope the pipes dont burst on us when one comes cause frankly, that would be gross. anyway for my finial thought i would like to say that i am not afraid of tornados, thunder storms or high wind....i am afraid of being impailed or thrown on my neck. thunderstorms can bring high winds, high winds in thunderstorms can bring tornados, tornados can suck you up and you can get impaied my the debris and or dropped on something that impails you and you know you see it coming..that would be see the pain coming, or you could be dropped on you neck. so yeah thats why i dont like storms...I MISS YOU PITTSBURGH!!! anyway g2g, late