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star bright, star light
bees in a frenzy

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Blood spurted everywhere. The scream rose higher and higher into the night air. She couldnt flex her fingers, couldnt even feel them. Suddenly she was painfully aware of what he had done. He had hacked it off, just to verify he could.
Arawane had warned her about mysterious men. She could even recall a particular admonition where the two of them sat at the local tavern and pub. You can never be too careful around men like him. He had indicated the man festooned in a deep purple cloak was trouble just because he stayed huddled in the dark of the pub. She had rolled her eyes and sighed at his silly counsel. Arawane was always looking out for her; she never listened to his warnings seriously.
 So, when the man Arawane had pointed out approached her, she just smiled and introduced herself, taking no heed of Arawanes warnings. The two became closer over the weeks, sharing philosophical conversations and jokes. She grew accustomed to his gaucherie and rugged manners. Arawanes warnings drifted to the back of her mind.
She couldnt avoid him; his mysterious green eyes sparkled so seductively she felt herself being swept up in his blazing current.
One night, he suggested they catch some fresh air. The stars twinkled subtly in the hazy sky. They strolled quite far from the inn. When they came upon the woods, he didnt falter, but she paused uncertain.
 Come come my sweet. He cooed. She followed almost hypnotically, yet her mind screeched out in defiance against his mockery. She flowed quietly towards him, her cape swishing around her ankles. She halted before him and he swept her up into a kiss.
 She had never been kissed in such a way before. She realized it was wrong and she should shove him away from her, but she felt the current seize her and cram her mind with complacent thoughts.
 Abruptly, he shoved her away from him. She tumbled to the cold ground with a thud. Pain shot through her head like an arrow. She gazed up at him questioningly.
 Why? But he smacked her face before she could resume.
 Shut up, bitch! He spat in a deep menacing voice. She recoiled and began to shake all over. He smirked down at her as he withdrew a dagger from his purple cloak.
 She whimpered, terrified for her life.
 Now, give me your hand! He demanded. Hesitant, she conformed, too afraid to do otherwise.
 With his free hand, he gently stroked small circles with his tender fingertips into her palm, causing her to shiver with pleasure. Then, he bent down and kissed her knuckles, each one with great care. Her fear began to diminish. He smiled sweetly at her and melted her fear totally. She realized nothing would
 Just as the thought traveled its way to her brain, he snatched the dagger and sliced her hand clean off her arm.
 Her curdled scream stung the night like a thousand bees in a frenzy.