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catcher in the rye by jd salinger: okay, my all time favorite
book. i first read this book when i was in seventh grade. it
totally kicks ass. it's all about this depressed guy, holden
caufield who just got kicked out of his fourth prep school or
whatever. and he doesn't feel like going home early because he
wants to avoid the parental lecture scene. so, it's only a few
days before winter break starts, so he hangs out in new york.
basically, he's just trying to figure out himself and the
world around him or whatever. but it's a great book. i swear
it is.
his dark materials (trilogy) by philip pullman: wow, pullman
is an awesome writer. if you like harry potter or the fantasy
scene, i suggest you read these books. it's supposed to be a
kids' series, but it's way too awesome to dis them on that
basis. the characters are developed so well, you feel like
you're in the story with them. well, it's an adventure story
about a girl lyra and a boy will. and there's all these people
they meet along the way: lyra's evil mother, lyra's scheming
father, an i-ching professer lady, a polar bear, a hot-air
balloonist, and... god. it's actually pretty... you could say
sacreligious or whatever, but it's still pretty good. you just
have to look at it like it's in another world (which it is).
they really are kick ass books.
the sally lockhart trilogy by philip pullman: i'm telling ya,
pullman is great. he's like this guy feminist, which is so
great. there's just something about a guy supporting women
that makes me feel happy inside. yeah... anyways... sally is
this independant woman back in late 1800's london. in each of
the three books, new characters are introduced and some of the
old ones are forgotten, but they all tie up together rather
nicely. the books are more a mystery adventure than fantasy,
but they still kick ass. (oh yeah, and pullman is totally cool
with minorities too! w00t!)
echo by francesca lia block (pretty much, just read everything
by flb ^^): wow. this book is so moving, it's hard to describe
or whatever. flb just has this way with words, like she's
spinning them into this magnificent spider's web. the kind of
spider's web that hangs in between two small trees and you can
see it through the sun and see how the dew glistens off it.
that's sort of what her writing is like. she's awesome.
anyways. echo is a girl/woman who's dad's dying and who's
mother is lost without him and she's just trying to find
herself and find love in a world where angels and demons walk
together on the sidewalks of la. it truly is beautiful. the
story together through many smaller short stories.
angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging (and three sequels) by
louise rennison:this book is so chalk-full of hilariousity!
yeah... georgia nicholson is living in a house with her
bonkers "vati" (father) and her "mutti" (mother), her psycho
cat angus and her little sister libby who likes to pee in
random corners of georgia's room. georgia's kind of ... hmm...
how shall we say this... self obsessed? but she's still pretty
funny. she's one of those teenage girls who is trying to catch
as many laughs as possible at her all girls really boring
school. but when she's in front of the guys, she's trying to
achieve mucho sophisticatedness. it's funny. just read it.
companions of the night by vivian vande velde: when kerry goes
back to the laundromat in the middle of the night to retrieve
her little brother's stuffed koala, little did she know she'd
meet a vampire. this book is basically all about kerry working
with the vampire to help find her family (who were kidnapped).
it's a muy awesome book. read it!
the seventh son series by orson scott card: osc is erin's
favorite author! and my friend, paldi, got her screen name
"heartfires" from this series! well, i don't remember these
books too much... it was a wicked long time ago... well,
there's this kid/man alvin who is the seventh son of a seventh
son, which gives him certain powers. he's wicked strong and
works well with iron or something... i don't really remember
all his little powers. but he goes on all these little
adventures and stuff. it's cool. there's another one that's
supposed to come out sometime... go read them!
the good people of new york by thisbe nissen: wow. i love new
york. anyways, the novel starts out with roz and edwin, a
totally mismatched couple. they get together and have a kid,
miranda. the story circles around miranda's growing up and her
relationships with people and stuff. the book just flows with
freedom and a sense of the need to belong (if that makes
sense). i dunno, but this book really makes you think about
your life and how meaningful everything is. totally awesome.
the china garden by liz berry: i couldn't put this book down.
i don't even remember the characters' names now, but i still
remember the plot. this girl goes with her mother to her
(dead) father's hometown (i don't remember if it was both her
parents' hometown... it might've been) during the summer. and
pretty much all the people are really strange. but the girl
still feels really connected with the place. and she finds
this beautiful china garden and she finds magic or something.
oh yeah, and she falls in love with some biker dude. it really
is an awesome and magical book. (oh wow, this review really
a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket: i've only
read three of these books, but can we just say that lemony
snicket kicks ass? he does. and so do these books. well, these
three kids used to have it all. they were the kids of these
millionares and they lived in a mansion and their parents were
really quite wonderful to them. but then one day, the mansion
burns down and their parents die, and their left with no one
in the world. no one, that is, except their distant cousin. an
evil conniving distant cousin with a tatoo of an eye on his
ankle. and he's trying to steal the inheritance that the
children will recieve once fourteen year old violet turns
eighteen. so, basically, in the three books that i've read,
the children are trying to outsmart their evil cousin. yeah.
snicket does caution the reader though..."If you are
interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better
off reading some other book."
RENT (the script) by jonathan larson: i know this isn't a
book, but you can get it online and print it off. and it's
wonderful. i haven't actually seen the play, but i will, i
will. i have the whole soundtrack (thanks to erin!!!!) and
it's great to listen to it and read it at the same time. i
love this play!!!!!! the story revolves mainly around mark (a
photographer) and roger (musician). roger has aids and mark is
obsessed with hiding in his work. then they meet angel
(crossdressing drummer, has aids), their friend collins (gay 
anarchist profressor, has aids), mimi (dancer druggie, has
aids), maureen (bisexual actress), joann (lesbian lawyer), and
benny (old friend, yuppie, married into money and now doesn't
care about anyone else). wow, it kicks ass. it's all about the
love and accepting people for who they are, despite their
little annoying habits and such. and it's also about trying to
live life to the fullest before it's gone.
(ps. i don't mean to be prejudice by adding the characters'
sexual orientations. they are only mentioned so the reader
has a more clear idea of who goes with who. or whatever. and
to point out how controversial the play is. sorry if i have offended. -zp)
the sweep series by cate tiernan: morgan meets cal. he's
handsome and witty, but he's also a witch (wiccan). she thinks
he's the good kind of witch. (thinks being the operative word,
here). should she trust him and join his coven? the books
circle around morgan's adventures with wicca and magick.
(fictional wicca, though, but still pretty awesome). yeah...
the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky: the main
character charlie has suffered so much, but he doesn't know
it. he's ever observant and he wants to make those around him
happy instead of making himself happy. the book tackles such
themes as: loneliness, drugs, acid trips, homosexuality, sex,
family secrets, abortion, abuse, molestation, depression, and
more. it's one of those books where you want to meet the
character in real life, and well, hug him. not because you
love him or anything, but you feel connected to him. like on a
level that you feel like you've never connected with anyone in
real life before (does that make sense?). well, it's an
awesome book. go read it. i'll lend it to you (it costs
$12!!!! eep...)