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star bright, star light
9.8.03 (post scripted)

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post-script: (9.17.03): i have forgiven leo for her evilness even though i'm still not exactly sure why she was so bitchy. and i'd like to apologize for my nasty words. i would like to erase them, but i wholeheartedly believe in the truth even if it is only of the past. that's why i have not thrown away certain diary entries even though it embarrasses me that they are in existance. so, i'd just like to say sorry leo for my nastiness, even though at the time, it was right and i was right because that's just how i felt at the time. oh, and leo, if you're reading this, you're a freak for stealing my seat next to enrin.

I don't think anyone in the whole world even looks at my site. i swear. no one says anything to me. i mean, sometimes someone might say a random, "cool site." but that's happened like maybe twice. and i'm the freakin' one who came up with the webring idea. but does anyone even visit my site? no.... and do people whine about me not updating my site like they whine about other peoples' sites? nooo... why? because i don't have a fuckin' web comic because i can't draw worth crap. and you know what i did? i fucking scanned some of my pictures so i could put them on here so i would be cool. but does anyone care? no. no one cares. and ya know what? i don't care either. maybe some random person will see my website and like it. and just remember, i was the first. i was the first of everyone (maybe woo had hers first... but i don't think so) to have a freakin' website. grrr... but no one remembers.
but besides all the website crap which i could hardly care about... stupid fuckin' leo is being a major bitch today. she didn't show up at lunch and in english she was being all moody and i tried to cheer her up... i mean, not really cheer her up, but i asked her what was wrong and she just totaly was way rude to me... i mean, when i'm pissed, i don't totally fuck with someone. so i was like "fuck you too" and that made her laugh, but then she went on being rude and pissy again. and i know this sounds stupid, but on our way to physics, we walk together and sometimes we stop at the loo quickly... and she stopped at the stupid loo that we never go to... just to piss me off. and i went to the usual one. and you know what? she didn't say one fuckin' word to me all during physics. she just sat there like she was going to cry and when i asked her what was wrong, she just gave me the dirtiest look. FOR THE FUCKING LOVE OF MY SANITY!!! I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU!! so i zoomed away when the bell rang since we usually walk to her locker together. and i waited for ren across the hall from her. and you know what? she talked to charlie and she talked to rachel and jenny. grrrr.... well, fuck her... i'm not talking to her tomorrow. she can rot in spanish three honors class (minus erin)!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha! that's a fate worse than hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! so there....
wow, now i feel better. this was a senseless rant, but leo was pissing me off today. sorry for all the cussing (not... i'll fucking cuss if i want to) and eventually i'll be sorry for calling leo all those names... but right now she deserves them.