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star bright, star light
mlk day 1.19.04

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1.19.04 ~ happy mlk jr. day everyone! w00t. uh... yeah. so, here i
am, not doing much of anything. i really should be doing the work i
missed and the work i was supposed to have done last week. but
whatever. i'm a procrastinator and i will find anything to do as long
as it's not the thing i'm supposed to be doing. hahaha. in fact, i'm so
bad, i could have gone to a party today if i had gotten my work
done, but whatever. i wouldn't have gotten it done in time though.
so now i'm just fooling around. such wonderful study skills, huh?
well, i had a lovely and boring weekend. saturday night i babysat
lini's kid brother. we watched holes. 'twas fun. and yesterday, i had
a very theraputic ride to borders and best buy by myself. i don't
know, maybe i'm just crazy, but i love going on rides to cool places
by myself. i mean, i like to go with friends too, but sometimes, when
i'm in the mood, it's just better to be by myself. i was surprised my
mom let me... she's always worried about safety and crap. oh well. i
also think driving is wonderfully theraputic. just driving fast, in the
rain, sobbing to the really loud rock n' roll music really helps me to
calm down. i guess it's the movement. i'm not sure, but i love
driving. especially by myself because i can think about things or sing
along to my music and stuff. yeah. so, at best buy, i got the classical
queen cd (i've been into classical rock lately). my new favorite song
is "bohemian rhapsody". "mama! just killed a man! stuck a gun
against his head, pulled my trigger, now he's dead! mama! life had
just begun! now i've gone and thrown it all away!!!" wow... such a
great song!!!!! *sigh* well, i just like to say, to those who are reading
this, thanks for caring. and now i'm going to go read or do my
homework (hahahahahaha!!!!)