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star bright, star light

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so i was doing my english portfolio the other day and i was looking through my writing journal and i found this story that i don't remember ever writing. i wrote it on valentine's day and i think it's pretty interesting. or at least it's a story. something that usually doesn't come from me... yeah. and i like it ... so there. (warning: some cussing...)

            She had always felt a little unstable and lost within the muddled chaos that ended up becoming her life. This wasn't what she had expected, what she had planned for herself. She almost wished she could travel back in time, make a few adjustments, and get what she wanted. But because this dream was impossible to accomplish, she was fantasizing about fleeing the country when her chauvinistic boss strolled into her office.

            "Ms. Alexander! So glad to see you're working hard today! He plopped down in a chair across from her, leaning over her desk, "Dreaming about having me under your flannel sheets, Ms. Alexander? Tsk, tsk." She glared contemptuously at him.

            "Actually, Mr. Porter, I have been meaning to ask you about the budget for the next month."

            "Dammit! I just came in here to socialize for a while, but you always have the job on the brain! Don't you ever let loose?!"

            "Well, Mr. Porter, I tend to have this desire to do the job that I'm being paid to do! Now, if you don't mind, I have to..."

            "My dear Rhoslyn..."

            "PLEASE! Mr. Porter, do NOT address me by my first name. We are NOT friends, nor will we ever be as such. Collegues address each other formally, so that is all that I will accept from you!!"

           " Somebody seems a little sexually frustrated." And that was it. Rhoslyn couldn't handle the pressure of stressful deadlines, pointless board meetings, and asshole management any longer. She exploded right there in her office.

            "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY OFFICE!! IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN, I WILL RIP YOUR SLIMY DICK OFF AND STAPLE IT TO YOUR KISS-ASS SECRETARY'S FACE! GOT IT?!?" Her face, a brilliant shade of purple, loomed over him as he tried to shrink into his chair; he nodded quickly.

            "Good!" She slung her purse over her shoulder and tucked her pen behind her ear as she sashayed herself to the door. Right before she walked through it, she turned back towards her desk as if she wanted to make sure she didn't forget anything. "Oh, and Mr. Porter? I quit." And with a flourish of her hips, she was gone.