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star bright, star light
zoe's rants

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so this is where i have decided to piss and moan about the goings on in my life. pretty much my life's boring, but since nobody comes to my site, i shan't be boring anyone. mwahahaha. yeah. (and if you are reading this because you're visiting my site, go ahead and sign my guestbook on the main page. thanks)

7.1.03 (wicca)

9.8.03 (post scripted)

sometimes 1.12.04

mlk day 1.19.04

leap day

pmsing on 5.14.04

mulan & solitaire 6.1.04

the way you wanted me... 7.2.04

un-American - 7.4.04

measure your life in love 7.7.04

oh bugger off

running in circles, coming in tails

changing ocean tides

finding faith and common ground

letters i've written

fighters for longer turns in the shower

my prerogative

be someone

i'll just sleep another hour